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Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
Why is it when FWD is mentioned but disclosed in a way that states how it will be implemented that many go the full Kanye and rant knowing all too well that these decisions will not affect them?

Watch the IAA press conference to hear why BMW is progressing as a company.
The "global" market is expanding and there is great demand for compact premium cars. In that segment there is a requirement for extra space and flexibility and for BMW to grow in that segment then their COMPACT cars have to grow in terms of packaging and the solution to increase interior space is by adopting FWD.

The BMW UKL cars will be closer aligned to the next MINI which for the segment you are going to see some impressive technology filter down from BMW to MINI.
The UKL matrix is adaptable between BMW and MINI and modular so a full range of models can be developed by strategic placement of the modular areas to identify many individual models. It also gives MINI a serious profit surge than the current car.

The 1er Sedan will come with a MINI Twin , but since you protest too much to care? then you will still receive a 2er Gran Coupe in 2015.
The sportier nature of the new 2er Coupe and how it fits between the 1er , 3er and 4er will be revealed on October 25.

I will repeat what BMW advertises over and over again that I see on TV commercials:

"We only make one thing. The Ultimate Driving Machine"

By selling a FWD car as a BMW, that will no longer be the case. I don't care if it is the best damn handling FWD car there is, it will not have 50:50 weight distribution and it will NOT be the ultimate driving machine. Say what you want, but do you think most real BMW enthusiasts are that gullible to believe otherwise?