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No it doesn't. Putting a car in a traction-limited environment then having one pair of wheels that provides steering AND drive/braking is stupid. A tire only has so much traction. When it has to do twice as much work AND you have less traction available to start with, how the hell is that better?
FWD cars usually have a front weight bias. The extra weight on the front wheels helps with traction in the snow. I've had a lot of experience with FWD and RWD in the snow and I've always found FWD easier to manage.
So have I. I drove my M3 through two German winters, one being the worst in the last 70 years. RWD was orders of magnitude easier IMO. FWD cars would understeer like mad and constantly slide instead of turning. And yes, I had true winter tires on the cars as German law requires them.