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Originally Posted by Legion5 View Post
I think you're reffering to BMW's 1200 mile break in policy. I can tell you as someone who's built engines for road cars and been involved with the building, break in and tuning of Indycars and stock cars and many more professional level race cars that the break in policy is only for liability reasons, and there is no way BMW's motorsports teams would even consider doing anything remotely like it or for as long as 1200 miles for the best piston sealing and longest life.

Anyone who knows anything about engines know they are 98% broken in after 20 miles and ready to race, as long as you change the oil to get gunk out that resulted from the break in. The contaminants in the oil that a car has after it's first few miles make it a very poor lubricant for high performance and could lead to engine damage if you push it.

So feel free to push the car to it's breaking point, just make sure to change the oil first.
Thanks for the advise! I will be changing the this coming week.

Anything else I need to know?