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Originally Posted by trboboost91 View Post
Forget oil!
Can I ask where you got the 135 sedan?
That must be pretty rare, cause I've never seen or even heard of one.
Yeah - it says "135i Sedan" under his avatar and he says in his post that he just got a 135 but in his sig pic it look a lot more like an E90. Multiple typos maybe?

Anyhow - I'd say the engine has enough miles on it now but I'd change the oil before and after. The oil in there now probably has a lot of crap in it since it's the first oil the engine has seen - I'd want that out before racing. All that said, I wouldn't recommend racing the car before the 1200 mile break in period is over. If you do have a problem with the car and BMW finds out you were running it close to red line for extended periods of time (which you will be doing when you race and which they certainly can see in the data) before the break in period is over that would give them a pretty bullet-proof excuse to void your warranty right there.

On a personal note, I'm just amazed with how many guys race their new, expensive BMWs in the first place. Why don't you guys get a much less expensive older BMW to race to reduce the risk of complete wallet drain? Years ago my friends and I used to go to Star Speedway in NH all the time to watch the grudge matches. Without exception all the guys would have older, cheap dedicated track cars - except for this one night when someone brought his brand new Trans Am (I think it was 1979) to race. Everyone thought this guys lost his marbles risking a new car like that in this kind of racing and sure enough, not even 5 minutes into the race the guy hit the wall and completely demolished the entire passenger side of his brand new car and as he came off the wall he also hit a couple of other cars denting and scratching up the driver's side of the car as well. I don't think there was a body panel or bumper that didn't get damaged and he didn't even hit that hard - not even bad enough to stop the race. Talk about embarrassing - all I could hear in the crowd were things like "what an idiot" and a lot of laughing. Sure, the kid may have been rich (who knows?) and perhaps he didn't care about the money or the car, but he had to sneak out the back gate to avoid all the ridicule. I understand folks being curious about how well they can drive and how well their new car can perform on a track, but is it really worth that kind of a risk?