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Originally Posted by Pseudo Nim View Post
You know, it's an entirely random idea and I don't think I recommend trying it, but I just had a thought - it's been discussed that we shouldn't try adding non-existent values to modules, but WHAT IF you have that value in the full dump but not in the individual module, and you are reasonably certain that that value goes into the said module? (you can actually determine its location by searching the full dump and seeing the values around it - so you can usually figure out from whence it came). THEN maybe you can manually "force" the value into the module, i.e. add it by hand and set it to the value that you want?

I wonder whether that makes sense and whether anyone is adventurous enough to try, or at least offer some counter-opinions.
hihihi, thinking outside the box, that was what I had mentioned b4. But looking back and thinking about it, I would not take the chance on a $40k car.

These are possible outcomes, program fail to load due to undefined value in module and come to a halt, program just skip over the undefined value and continue, or program is smart enough to create this entry and added to the car.

Now anyone want to see if I am correct? I think not.
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