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Noob Questions & Yes I Searched Please Help


I have been searching the forum, and reading about how all of this conversion to the brighter angel eyes works, and I am still confused.

There are TONS of posts on people reviewing different models, talking about LCI, Pre-LCI, etc. etc. but no one actually come out blatantly says this is what the deal I am writing this for myself and everyone else.

I have a 2007 E90. It has the adaptive headlights, and the standard looking angel eyes(incandescent yellowish-white look).

I want to convert my angel eyes to some hardcore bight ones, but I am confused on that I need. I read posts about different wattage, overheating, engine codes, huge variation in price, etc etc.....

So here are my questions:

1) Please explain pre-LCI, and LCI...what does LCI stand for?

2) What is the bulb am I replacing in a 2007 E90 w/ adaptive headlights? Name? H7, H8?

3) Please explain the brighter setups: Is it just from LED instead of incandescent bulbs making it more efficient? more wattage? both?

4) These conversion kits vary in price a lot...example PIAA=~$150, other are like $300...WTF. Is a difference in these hooked up?

5) I see some conversions have a separate box, and some are just bulbs with heatsinks.. I assume the box has power electronics, but what does it do?

6) Will I get codes thrown if I convert my car? (2007 E90 with adaptive)

7) What is the best Angel Eye upgrade for the money? I am willing to spend u to $200....

8) Will just standard LED bulbs replacing my incandescant stock ones now make a difference due to better efficiency? If so, which ones?

9) What are the power electronics for in the upgrades? Isn't DC power 12V? Is it doubling voltage?

10) Is there overheating problems converting my lights?

Sorry for all of the questions..please help if you can, and small answers are perfectly fine.

Thank you,