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Has anyone been having success recently? After working through the case with BMW, I upgraded the phone to 3.0 on advice that BMW had made a change to the way that the ipod was recognized and beamed the fix to the car over Assist.

It actually sort of worked on 3.0 in that after multiple disconnects and resets, it would eventually connect to iDrive, but when you shut the car off and returned, you were met with the iDrive not recognizing the device again and you having to do those multiple soft or full resets on the Touch to get it back.

I've since gone back to 2.2.1, but am now running into the issue where many of my purchased apps require 3.0 and are now no longer working.

I have taken other people's iPhone 3G and 3GS devices and successfully plugged them into my car and they all seem to work (I didn't check the charging issue that others are having an issue with). This is really getting annoying.