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Aggressive set up with sonic tuning or ksport- need help with set up

Hello all,
Need some help, i am thinking of doing a aggressive set up on my e90. I know camber is a must and some stretched is a must too.

What i am looking to run
19x9.5 +18
19x11 +20

Either Sonic tuning coilovers, why?
1. price
2. they come with camber plates on the front and looks like some camber links for the rear.

or Ksport, why?
1. price
2. they come with camber plates just for the front not rear.

the price is right around the same for both so my only issue is the camber links for the rear. Are they really needed or can you just adjust it with what ever stock you already have?

I am stuck on what to do as i have put my car fully back to stock and now got the mod bug again. So its kind of in a way for me to get something going again, just don't know if it might be worth the investment if i can't get it to work.

Your opinions on the fitment and coil overs?
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