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Originally Posted by BMW //MPOWER View Post
I bought my baby from the guys at doncaster bmw and cannot fault them in anyway!
FYI - if your after a car from there ask for Marko & tell him i(brad w/ the 325ci clubsport) sent you!
The sales guys seem to be good (my good experience was with Chris Hope- great guy, sold me my car and moved mountains to get me a replacement fuel pump for my 335 in a week when guys in the USA have been waiting upwards of 4 to 6 weeks for theirs).

BUT I have had nothing but frustration from the service department. First they tell me it's a software problem- it'll take a day to fix. Then they tell me to go home (with my faulty car) and come back in 3 WEEKS when they have a loan car available (when I have been reading on the main forum that some guys cars in the US died within a couple of days of the onset of symptoms). No warning not to go on long trips or anything.

It didn't take a day to fix...

They rang me late afternoon everyday to say the car still wasn't ready- but they wouldn't or couldn't tell me why. They treated me like some idiot saying "I'm not the one working on your car but it's a very complex car with complex electronics and we are doing all we can" etc, etc

On the 4 th day they call me and the first thing I say is "it's the fuel pump isn't it- it's faulty". I was right. "how long?" I ask. They didn't know. So I then call chris about a loan car equivalent to my 335 (because I expect to wait at least a month for the replacement and I am paying lease payments to them!). He tells me he'll speak to the service manager to try and tee something up. The weekend rolls over and the service guys call me monday to say that chris searched the world for a pump and found one in singapore and had it air freighted overnight. So I got the car back in just over a week.

As you can see, an experience with strong and mixed emotions.

BTW sorry Lea if this post is construed as hijacking your post. Just wanted to finally get this off my chest and couldn't be bothered starting a new thread.

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