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agreed with docbeemer.

Sales was spot on! they gave great service and a great deal. The service though was shocking. first time i brought it in was the courtesy checkup after 10k km's. it took me 3 weeks to get it booked in and they charged me for the loan car. The 2nd time i went in, i was able to not get charged for a loan car by going through the sales guy. But this time they refused to change the cracked spring on the front saying it was wear n tear and was outside of warranty. This was only the 4th month and 20k km's down the track. Because they didnt do anything, i went to buy a set of coilovers instead and installed it myself since their price for the spring and installation was crazy.

Since then, i serviced the car myself. When talking to Meneres with any seat belt problems or rattling noises, they were able to book me in the following week and give me a loan car without and questions asked. Also, Doncaster's parts were the most expensive out of the metropolitan BMW dealers and u need to go into Doncaster BMW to put a deposit on the parts before they ordered them. Meneres on the other hand was the cheapest around and put the order in for next day delivery. Also, when i purchased the rotor from them, i gave them the wrong part number. After calling them up, they were willing to take it back and because they didnt have the part in stock, they got one of the mechanics to drive to Melbourne BMW and grab the rotor from them so i can get the part straight away.

Theres my rant ^_^