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Cheers for that mate – atm it feels rock hard but not sure what the settings are dialled into – I’ll have to check tonight. I’m not sure how to access the the dials in the rear so I’ll have a play witht he ones at the front and yes the dials are there and visible at the front so I’ll adjust them accordingly. Stupid Q – maybe – but will anticlockwise make them softer and vice versa?

10-15 clicks is 1/3 to way so def not a relatively small setting but I know what you mean... atm it feels very firm and I can hear almost every ffff grain on the road LOL. Will soften this up tonight and hoping to notice some difference on the way home! As I’m unable to access the rear dials to adjust the damping settings due to a lack know-how, what should I / one expect from a drive / car with the fronts more softer and the rear – harder? Any negative points to watch out for ?
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