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Originally Posted by AWBimmer View Post
Cheers for this mate it is a bit too low can you recommend how much higher I should raise by for a more subtle look but still keeping to a minimal arch gap? Im really not looking to spend just yet (for the time being) as I need to save but will def get non RFTs once these are no good! If I want the car to sit just literally on top of the tyre with a VERY small hint of nose down (and not much!) what mm would u recommend all round?

To be honest without seeing it in person i wouldnt be sure. Im not an expert on suspension as im yet to do my own lol. I would aim to have it sit a couple of mm above the tyre for the pure reason of ground clearance when goin over bumps as it would annoy me keep scraping, it should still sit nose down as the front will have a bigger drop than the front.
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