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The N52 is arguably the most reliable engine that BMW made, therefore this post doesnít worry me at all. Itís pretty clear that there is missing information. But even without the missing information, itís explainable. Imagine driving along and ignoring rod knock because your ďmechanic friendĒ says donít worry about it. Not only would that type of silliness contribute to this, but it also suggests a whole lot of other silliness surrounding the engines maintenance that likely happened during your buddies ownership. While itís a reliable engine, it still requires regular maintenance to run properly, that means keeping up with OCIís, not starving the engine for oil (in one that is likely leaking some at that level of kmís), and generally keeping on top of things.

Like previously mentioned, the fact that it was driven by an old lady means absolutely nothing. The women in my life abuse their cars not through driving them hard but through a tremendous lack of maintenance during ownership. I feel as though this could have been prevented if he secured a PPI when the car was purchased, and if he kept up with one of the maintenance guides posted on the forum. Above all else this is a terrible thing for someone to have to deal with so Iím sorry for his loss, but I believe this is a good learning moment for the future regarding vehicle maintenance. Hoping that his insurance covers him and that he can get a high appraisal value with this crazy market we have going right now.
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