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AWD trifecta issues

Hello everyone:
I have been reading those forums for a while and finally decided to post. I have an E91 2008 328xi 120,000 miles ( recently bought)
I got the trifecta lights AWD, DSC, ABS
Got INPA and ISTA/D and got the following codes: 578E, 54C6, 55C3, 54C8, D104, 5F39, D904, E104 and E5C4
so I thought by replacing the transfer case servo motor and the transfer case and transmission fluids.
Here's what I am worried about I hear conflicting opinions about transmission and transfer case fluid changes.. some say that changing these fluids will ruin my transmission and transfer case (because I have the wear codes and they probably never been changed)...
should I change the fluids?
Any other advice on my codes/repair plan?
Thanks a bunch and looking forward to hear from you
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