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Originally Posted by 1slowbmw View Post
you already know i love your car kie, should have thrown your 335 in the shoot too
Thanks bro! gotta hook up the 335xi first, going to do a baby M3. already have the full m3 interior to swap out and side mirrors

Originally Posted by Hooy View Post
I'm going to start with some criticism... the M3's rear bumper doesn't sit flush with the fenders. That would drive me nuts! I also feel that it has too much of an angle from where the flares start, making it look like a Z3/frog from the front pic.

The other E90 desperately needs mods. The Mtech kit does nothing for it since all your attention goes to the most horrendous stock wheels you can get.. in fact they are not even stock for a 335, but a 330i!

But now onto the good stuff... big respect for your E90 collection and the club you've started. It's hard maintaining and QCing a group when you're lonely at the top. Keep it up and I'm excited to see more content from you!
all criticism is welcome! the story is that the spacers are too wide on the rear, every time i hit a bump the wheels rub on the fender and pops it out. New spacers have been ordered so this problem has already been addressed.
And my boy is focusing on performance/handling mods right now, he has got a whole bunch of shit waiting to be installed. Once he cops the exhaust, rims are next... he is just having a tough time choosing rims. Im telling him to do some ZCPs that shit would look so sexy on his car.
I hope the car can please more of you guys when its done! and speaking of 330i's.... i need one of those to finish up my lineup lol. As far as the car club goes, its pretty easy because all my members and I have become like family, its a great feeling to always have your squad with you rolling deep! there is nothing more satisfying than always having the road flooded with high end cars wherever you go

Originally Posted by BKap08 View Post
Mad props for being original on that white e90. Looks like an absolute monster
thank you good sir, I am glad you see what I did there

Originally Posted by BAL278 View Post
That M3 looks soooooooo sick!!!! I saw the video you guys made, very nice, where were you guys cruising??
thank you! we started at the source mall and headed out to the pencil by some beach, not sure where exactly... lol

Originally Posted by theriz View Post
siiiiick M3

Originally Posted by e92_euro View Post
OMG thats wide as shit! haha

Originally Posted by monkawekrue View Post
wow thats freakin FAT! nice OP
thank you my man
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