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Originally Posted by JameB View Post
The only experience I have had is as a seller. I sold an Audi TT to a guy who had a broker searching around for it. The guy basically did all the work for his customer and then handed over to the customer to come and look once he had asked me all the basic questions.

I think he got commission for it - not sure how much but I have a 1-2K figure in my mind for some reason. Generally speaking, if I buy a new car I go and speak to our finance controller as he can get cars through the "chosen" dealers that we use for novated leasing. They then give us the (usually large) fleet discount based on that, even for a private sale - it can be as much as 4 or 5K for some more common models. I'm sure this would include Subaru (I think our preferred dealer is in West Ryde) but unfortunately he only really does it for employees as a favour :-(

Ah yes.. wonderful fleet discounts! They sure do vary from brand to brand though. Bet you'd struggle to get more than about $2k off a Bimmer. And Subaru are reportedly pretty stingey too.
They say one of the reasons the new Commodore is doing so badly is because GM changed their policy and refused to offfer anything like the traditional discounts to major fleet buyers like the car rental companies, who apparently get their Toyota's and Mitsubishis etc at up to 30% off list!