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Originally Posted by NickG View Post
I really, really wanted to like the 159. Thought it looked incredible outside and in, and they've finally got finish quality to a level where it can compete with at least VW, if not BMW. Would even have been prepared to put up with the usual reliability and service issues. But both those 4 cyl and diesel engines just KILLED it for me. I don't think I've ever been as disappointed in a new car I've driven. "Cuore Sportivo", my a$$!

$22k out on a trade in? They must be joking....
I don't claim to know much about the current range from Alfa but I will say the diesels are rated as one of the best in Europe but I'm a long way off from wanting to even go down the diesel road.

As an ex 156 twin spark owner, I can honestly tell you that "Curore Sportivo" does exist in Alfa Romeo's. You need to own one and live with it to understand. My first 2 weeks of Alfa ownership had me working out how long before I could get out of it but then we bonded and the "Cuore Sportivo" came out. All I'm saying is an Alfa is not for everyone and I respect everyone has different takes on issues but everyone I know who has owed one has never complained for it lacking a "sporting heart". As I said before, dealer issues would have to be their weak point. Reliability is on par with other marques. Every maker can put out a dud product from time to time. I have an E39 530I as well and I can tell you that car spent more time in BMW workshops in it's first 2 years than it did on the road. BMW were good enought to extend the warrenty for another year without me asking - just shows how bad it was. Since then , all has been good. My Alfa only had one issue which was rectified within 2 hours. As I said, everyone has good and bad stories so car ownership can deffinitly be a subjective issue.