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Originally Posted by outPHUKINGstanding View Post
I'm glad they got banned, my one and only experience with them didn't end well. I bought a set of 19" VB3s from them back in march, three of the wheels were new but one was refurbished; the front of the wheel looks new but on the back you can tell it has been repaired, there were weld spots all over and might have been bent at one time, I was charged full price for the whole set ($1900) I thought ok, no big deal it's on the the inside, no one will see it anyway; went for a drive at slow speed was all right, as soon as I got on the HWY at 65, my whole front end started shaking violently, that one tire went flat immediately, I have only gone 10 miles (thank you BMW for not having a spare) got towed home, called sales rep ***** telling him something's wrong with that wheel; imagine that he didn't seem to remember me anymore, then transfer me to some tech support guy and this guy was even worst, saying it was all my fault, I installed the wheel wrong, I hit a pot hole ect. ect... I took the wheel to a local tire shop, they said the wheel will never be balanced and will never hold air, it's way out of round and leaking at the seam where it was welded. After a few calls and emails to modbargins, got the same answer, it wsa my fault, the wheel was fine when they shipped it. I got fed up and bought another wheel from a different vendor.
Wow so no refund?