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Originally Posted by Nick Nazareno View Post
i brought the following to my dealership when i went to negotiate my lease

#1 copy of software installed on my laptop
#2 current month's bmw usa money factor and residual, plus competitive quotes from other lenders (which were worse in may08)
#3 copy of current invoice pricing sheet for the vehicle
#4 ballpark valuations of my trade in value (and private party value) from several difference pricing guides
#5 target values for my trade in and and the new car's cap cost, and the lowest value i was willing to take for my trader and the highest value i was willing to pay for the new car's cap cost

it really helps when it is 100% clear you've done your homework before you come to the table
Most shudder when I bring my laptop in with me.. Good thing that I have sprint mob broadband and am able in real life to look up anything that might of elapsed me in my pre research phase.

Also to the OP I posted a simple Excel with easy to copy formulas. Along with an explanation on Money factors and base rates and how money factors in my opinion are the major deal maker and breaker and often overlooked.