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Originally Posted by Efthreeoh View Post
He quoting $400 - $500 too much. Buy a new radiator $200. New upper and lower hoses and coolant $150. Drain the coolant. Cut the old upper and lower hoses. The remove the fan and radiator (20 minutes). Remove old hoses from t-stat and OFH. Install new parts. Shouldn't be more that 1.5 hrs. labor.
You're not taking into account that the radiator in an N51 is specific to SULEV and much more expensive - you can't just put in a $200 radiator - it will throw codes for emissions. To original poster, since you're in CA, an SULEV state, you should definitely look into the warranty. I had a faulty fuel pump replaced at no cost to me by BMW this summer as it, like the radiator, is covered by the SULEV warranty.