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Progress. Opted to stay with the OEM TB as it was just easier to keep with the OEM connector/harness — I won't feel bad for the (IIRC) 3mm difference for the internal diameter. Next on the list is my alternator & smaller pulley for the blower. Hopefully can make more progress this weekend.

Major shout out to Biginboca for essentially taking me on his ride when he first did alterations to the intake. My dude did an extra just for me MONTHS ago. How do I ask him out? UwU
Get it gurlllll. I wonder what kind of juicy gains you'll get with the N54 manifold. Do you know what bobs latest tune will rev out too?

Not to flex or anything, but Biginboca actually added me on Instagram today. No big deal or anything though.
I think the last time I had him fiddle with mine he set it to rev to 72 or 7250 — I could be very wrong

But that 3 stage resonance made it poop out at 6800 and up :,(

Wow! If we could all be so fortunate
See you, space cowboy.
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