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I traveled with a coworker once and we came back from a trip to a snow storm that dumped about 20 inches (a lot for here) of wet snow on us. He had parked right next to the building and when I went to drop him off his car was BURIED in a drift. Like all you could see was the tailgate.

We dug into the tailgate and he opened it and started it and let it run for a bit as we laughed and then he got in and tried to drive out. Thinking, better to knock off all we could before we started to clean it off. We were shocked with almost all of it stayed where it was and all that came out was the huge amount on top of the roof. Almost like that one that might be photoshopped above. Warming it up released everything enough where he just slid out.

So anyway - he backed around the parking lot trying to jam on his brakes and dump the huge load off the roof but it was not budging. He then went forward and tried to jack rabbit take off to dump it. On try # 3-4 he came back on the brakes a little to hard and it slid FORWARD instead of backwards. Landed right on his hood and dented it in.

Not so funny after that. least to him.
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