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Opinions on potential purchase! 335i Sedan!

Hello all,

I'm new to the forums and decided to join as I am going to be purchasing my first BMW. The reason I am opening this thread is because I'm curious what other people would do if they were in my situation. Before I get to the specifics of the car, let me list the pros and cons!


*NO Sales Tax


*2 year warranty
*No Free Maintenance

Now for the car specifics!

Car - $36,450
Auto Trans - $1,325
Paddle Shifter - $100
Cold Weather Package - $1,150
M Sports Package - $3,750
Leather - $1,450
Premium Hi-Fi - Free
Ipod/Adapter - Free
Comfort Access System - Free
Shipping - $1000

Total - $45,225

Options that I decided against -----

Anti-theft system - "Didn't see a real need for it where I'm at"

Rear Manual side Window - "Dealers going to do the tints for free"

Navigation system - Still contemplating but... the Navi doesn't work where I'm at. The engineers at BMW Korea haven't figured out how to make the maps work on the incomring 335i

Premium Package - "Still not sure whether the package is worth it for me seeing as the Universal Garage Door Opener is no good here and BMW Assist services arn't offered here.

A little info about me. I'm currently in Korea and have an oppurtunity to purchase a US Spec BMW from Europe. Because I am on the August waiting list I'd recieve my vehicle in October. The reason I wanted to purchase this vehicle regardless of the bad warranty and maintenance is because I don't have to pay any taxes(may not be a great idea...).

Questions I'd like to ask:

Auto-dimming -"Does it really do what it's supposed to do and is it worth it?

Lumbar Support -"Is it worth getting this if I'm getting the sports seats offered in the M package?

Navigation + Idrive - "Is it worth it even if the Navigation doesn't work?"

For the price that I'm paying do you think it's worth purchasing the car with the bad warranty and no maintenance?


I like Manual but decided to go Auto because of the BAD traffic here in Korea. Any of you that have been here before know what I mean.... 15 hours traveling 150 miles is a bit extreme.... exspecially in manual....(on a REALLY bad day) Oh BTW if I take the car back to the states then I resume a normal BMW warranty for the remainder of my contract 4years/4years

Current colors I'm looking at is Alpine White/ Black or Monaco Blue / Black or Monaco Blue and Chestnut Brown

All opinions are appreciated! It's why I created this post! I need to see this from all angles! Thanks in advance for all your help and sorry about the long post! Putting down a deposit here shortly!