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Originally Posted by Vintage Metal View Post brain is smoking after reading thread after thread on this.

All I want to do is add Bluetooth to my car. I have the SA640 option installed. If I add the Mulf2 to the car, do I need any other parts with it (like BT components) to get it to work? Im not interested in the USB function as I am happy with my Aux cable input for my iPhone music.

I understand coding will be necessary too.

A simple, logical answer would be greatly appreciated.

I'm pretty sure the following is correct, but please verify:
you have $640, and you're pre-LCI, meaning you're pre-wired for phone.
You have NO USB jack in the armrest.
You have visually verified that you have no mulf under the trunk liner

I believe you will need only a MULF, probably no coding. You MAY need a microphone, and you MAY need a bluetooth antenna, as I think both are left out of the prewiring, but I'm not quite certain. The Mic wire and antenna cable should both be installed with the prewired harness.