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Originally Posted by pz619 View Post
Originally Posted by Who's on first View Post
California the state that started the car craze in the state that continues to crush it.

This at least is a positive affect where it gives you some time. But I still have a hard time understanding why car people live in that state.
Don’t be obtuse. You know why people want to live here and no one is moving out of state because of a silly exhaust law.

On the verge of:
Bankruptcy yearly
Falling in the Pacific (may not happen this month)

Places like Murder Mountain

Hates cars
Hates real gas

Clearly California does have some nice locations. No doubt

I'm saying some of this in jest even though it's all true.

Sucks down all the other 49 states because of the stupid "50 State Legal" bullshit because of California by itself.

So... not so obtuse after all.