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Originally Posted by bren335i View Post
Worthless? Come on.

1-3% duty cycle on stock airbox is relatively nothing. It even made slightly more boost. If the stock airbox required 95% duty cycle and was overheating the solenoids, then it would be useless. It's obviously a small flow restriction but I think your wording is poor (and also spelling)
The car making more boost is not what matters though for understanding flow. What the higher WG DC does tell us is that the turbos needed to spin faster on the stock intake to produce almost the same boost. That is by definition a restriction. That does indeed verify that the stock intake is not free flowing enough for higher boost levels. This is undenyable proof in my opinion and verifies other testing I have done and posted.

If you want your turbos spinning faster, all else equal on about 15 psi, then you should keep the stock intake. Just understand that this is a fact.