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Originally Posted by matt_335Ci View Post
ok maybe something SITTING on the lot, but I have always ordered cars and i seriously doubt i could get an e93 special ordered at invoice. i don't think BMW is that desperate.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, for the 10th time, even an e93 [equipped] at invoice COMPARED to a G37 [equipped] at invoice is still a big price gap.

AND TO OTHER MEMBERS, the TROLL alert is going off. Schumacher is a NEW member, drives a F2009?, and lives in a Box. Maybe in a BOX they sell all 335i's at invoice.

So if you cannot argue, you have to bring up my joining up date?

Did you notice that your entire post collection was filled with words like "i don't think" "probably" "don't know if" and other such crap? Looks like pretty weak ammunition with which to chide a guy.

P.S: The F2009 is the codename for the 2009 Ferrari F1 car. Looks like you don't even know what that is.