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Dropped my car into the stealership today for the installation of the iPod integration kit. Service advisor indicated it was not the new USB one but the one that replaces the CD player. Still he told me I would be able to control all the iPod stuff via Idrive so that's what I was after. Mind you I got the older service dude, probaly thinks an iPod is some kind of walking frame ).

Anyway the 4pm collection time went and passed and about 5pm I gave them a call. Was told they were still working on it and I might not get the car back today.

After some investigation seams they are having some issues with the update to the vehciles software..... bugger I have to drive the loan car home, must say a 320i is a dog compared to the 335!!!

Just wondering if others have had the same issues? Did the stealership charge more for the installation due to the software upload issues?

Very much hoping the job will be finished tomorrow.

On another issue has anyone in Aus installed the "TVandNav2go" kit from the US? I am looking at ordering one for my car so considering what feedback there is locally before parting with the hard earned.