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Originally Posted by Carl Morris View Post
Nice mph. What are your mods again? I'm hoping that an FMIC and intake will get me over 105.
Procede, dp's, dci, and bov.

Originally Posted by richpike View Post
Nice! You just needed me to leave to get in to the 13s

This is too true.

Originally Posted by mattsfeir View Post
Here are my runs, 91 octane + meth:
#1 13.302 @ 109.36, 2.125 60'
#2 13.246 @ 108.40, 2.132 60'
#3 13.711 @ 107.23, 2.272 60'

Some issue with brake boosting/launch control or maybe a transmission/transfer case that I need to dig into that caused the poor 60' times vs last year. Nice to see the extra 2mph trap speed though.
With a trap speed close to 110, you really should be in the 12s.

Originally Posted by AcidLotus View Post
Did you get the DPs in? I'd of thought those 14's would be stock times. Is the procede slower than the JB3/JB4? Nice getting 7 runs in tho!
I did. I know the procede is not slower than my JB3. I didn't want to stress my brand new clutch too much. I wasn't launching HARD. I was also still trying to get used to the new feeling of this clutch.

Originally Posted by Bimmer This View Post
It's obvious that Alfred drives like crap. Take a look a his 60' times. Also, I have yet to see a JB3/JB4 break into the low 13's.

Got the car dailed in for driveability. Monday is when I start to make some power.
I'd like to see you drive a MT