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Lol, sorry guys, didn't to post up yesterday. Had a great time, and awesome meeting/seeing everyone.

My times (no not 13.5 Alfred, you give me too much credit) Still happy though, not my fastest times, but by far my quickest times on stock car with JB1, intake, and had about 5 gallons of 104oct mixed with maybe (probably less) 1 gal. of 91oct in the car.

14.255s@99.99mph 2.339 60'
14.269s@100.54mph 2.311 60'
14.006s@100.55mph 2.277 60'
13.808s@100.20mph 2.136 60'
14.237s@100.67mph 2.396 60'
13.840s@100.09mph 2.172 60'
had one more run too, but can't find the slip (wasn't that good anyway)

My best ever before with the same setup was a 13.997s@101.33mph, 2.276 60'

Oh and Alfred, once you break that clutch in a bit more and get the launch down again you will easily be in the mid 13s with those mph's you were pulling. and CL600 came with a V12 before 2003 (362hp), then upgraded to a bi-turbo V12 (493hp), so guessing the one there was the bi-turbo....and CTS-V coupe has 556hp stock.

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