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Originally Posted by Tim603 View Post
In all honesty I have been driving with the Afe intake for about 6 months now and pretty much got used to how the car was driving, after I put in the spacer all I can say is wow, this is how the N52 engine is supposed to drive. For the longest time I though the N52 was just slow and I was a little dissapointed to be honest. After this fix the tourqe is sooo much more even along the whole rpm range (especially the real low end and high end), I cant thank the op enough for this fix, I feel like i am finally driving a sporty bmw again. I also had some idleing issues on cold starts before and I havent noticed it since the fix.

Regarding the $60, I talked to the manufacturer and If i can get 12 people who want them I can get the price reduced significantly. Otherwise for such low volume thats the best I can do for now. Hope this helps.

Hey, any word on the measurements for us Canadian folks yet?