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With the way Valvetronic works, I'm highly doubtful that this aerosol spray is reach anything but the two cylinders right in front of the intake.

Were I concerned about intake valve and manifold deposits I would probably use something more like Amsoil Powerfoam. Fill the manifold with the foam, let it dwell, start it up and blast all the smoke out and proceed.

Holding revs at 1500 with no load doesn't move much more air through the IM than idling. If you were able to inject seafoam from inside the vehicle while driving it under load, intake air volume and velocity would be MUCH higher and might clean all cylinders properly. I think there's lots of youtube video from people who have done just that. I'm not exactly recommending it.

If I had a DI engine, I'd seriously consider Amsoil Powerfoam as an alternative to freting over walnut blasting all the time.