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yes....spelt with J's
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Originally Posted by Kerr View Post
Please bring back Max Power, please everyone needs somewhere to go.
That right there is your problem. Staring down your nose at people.

It typically doesnt happen on this board at all, which is why i really enjoy it here. Everyone starts somewhere, if I had the coin, yes...i'd be in a 335d and thats the truth. But i dont. So i have arguably one of the best cars I can afford. It just happens to be a "hot" hatch.

But you broke the mould and stamped "bell master" on your forehead im afraid.

Might as well say the same about DX and everyone who "maps" their cars.

Read the Evo article (if you can stoop that low) about the Clio and the M6 and then come back and provide some non-wankery.

That is IF you can set down the Financial Times long enough, perhaps your butler could even read it and let you know the gist of it?