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Originally Posted by nbravo View Post

Thanks for all the input! So i have the same issue with 2-1 jerky shift and it sucks. Does not happen in DS and i also had it go into limp mode 2 diff times in the last 1.5 mths. Really frustrating. My friend is a BMW master tech that worked at the dealer and now has a shop. He got a fault code for the trans and has not gotten back to me in over a week. It seems like hes kinda prone to saying " trans needs to be replaced " when we spoke about it before he got the code. Im dying during the wait for the info he has gathered. Seems like the dealer or anyone that was trained at the dealer will always just say to replace the whole thing. Fuck that, im not trying to hear it. I've spent a lot on the car already and really dont want to buy a new transmission. Do you think that 2-1 downshift issue that you said is prob the solenoids would kick a code out? Does it sound like i have 2 separate issues? The car drives perfect. when it went into limp mode, it was driving so good! Makes no sense. I was in a higher gear prob like 4th or 5th when it happened. It has 115k on it and i understand that its 10 years old now, but a lot has happened with it and i dont want to keep losing, but also feel like ive invested and should just deal with the issue rather than sell the car. Anyway, i could talk for hours about this car and my experience with it but for now transmission talk will do. Please let me know if you have any view on the matter as i wait for the possible bad news from my tech. Thank you!
I don't remember getting any error codes and I know the car never kicked into "Limp Mode", so you MAY have different or additional problem. However, every car is different, so yours may just be responding to the problem differently than mine. if your car enters Limp Mode, it will likely throw some sort of code along with it, which might help to diagnose the problem. In the end, you'll have to decide if you want to take the chance with the $700-$1k repair (solenoids and seals), or if you just want to replace the transmission. I'm like you, I was tired of hearing "the transmission needs to be replaced" by a bunch of "so-called" BMW techs, so, I opted to take a chance with the solenoids instead. Good move for me.