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Originally Posted by nbravo View Post
Yeah man, tough call. He has the fault code , i had him check it a week ago. He goes " i dont want to give you an answer now , i dont want to scare you" so either he does not know or he is trying to avoid replacing it for me. Hes a great tech but when i mentioned solenoids for the dowshift he kinda was like " what, oh those " but also when you try to tell a tech that you read a forum thread they kind of hate that shit lol. He had diagnosed my car 100% perfect every time and is a very good dude. He also may have not learned to do anything but replace bmw transmissions. A lot of people think that if you take them apart and change the fluid, etc that it will ruin them. Which sounds weird, he did say " the fluid is lifetime lasting, it could get worse changing it " and i just cant believe that. How is anything in a ever lasting? No way. I guess im stuck waiting on the news. Sucks! Im pretty confident the shop has my best interest but from reading around, there are more answers than just replacing the whole thing.
What I can say, is that BMW techs are not trained in how to repair the transmissions, only how to replace them. I say this because, in my early troubleshooting days with this issue, I called a few BMW dealers and asked if they would service my transmission and I was told the fluid was "lifetime" ant that they were not permitted to service or work on the transmissions. They wouldn't even touch my transmission, unless I wanted them to replace it. They go through a short trouble shooting tree that includes updating the software, resetting the adaption values and couple other "non-invasive" fixes. If those few things don't fix the problem, the solution is to replace the transmission. They have no training in the inner workings of the transmission and how to actually repair them which led me to my own research and troubleshooting. If you bring all the parts to them, they still will not repair the transmission for you (mechatronics and/or seals), they simply will not touch your transmission, but they will replace it for you.