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Originally Posted by ore0fllamp View Post

I recently got my girlfriend into a 2006 330xi with the automatic transmission. Car seemed perfect when I bought it, I myself drive a 2006 330i 6MT so when test driving I thought the rough jolt at a stop was just me not use to driving auto. Anyways, I now know that it is the shifting in the transmission.

I can reproduce the rough shifts by putting the car in manual mode and shifting while stopped. 1st to 2nd up shift has slight bang, but 2nd-1st downshift is a real thump-er and I want to get it fixed up.

I have all the INPA and coding software and have done basic coding on the e90s. Is it possible to check the software version on the transmission myself and possibly update it myself if outdated. I tried the tranny resets etc, nothing helped the 2-1 and 1-2 shifts are bad and always present, even on a cold start.

Car has 223,000kms and we purchased from original owner.

How can I verify which transmission the car has? Canadian model, can provide the vin if that will help? Has anyone packaged a whole kit together for this?
Oil, gaskets, solenoids, filter etc
If you have INPA, you should be able to pull the programming data for the transmission and see what version you have installed. If you have the latest version of the program, you should also be able to update the software in the transmission if it needs to be. However, I don't believe a software update will fix this problem. Of everyone that has posted about this problem, nobody has mentioned that the software update worked for them.

Near the beginning of this thread, I posted all the required parts to fix this issue. If you don't want to do the work yourself, you should be able to get a good shop to do it for you instead. You will need to look at the plate on your transmission and get the actual model number to ensure you order the proper parts. The only way to know for sure which transmission you have installed is to physically find the plate on your transmission.