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Hard downshift and host of other problems

So my ex sells our young daughter her husband's 2002 330xi and says there is nothing wrong with it.
Well, after sitting for three years, the e-brake was locked up so we had it drug up on a flatbed and dropped off at my place. Rear brakes redone and I try to start it. Would barely run till it warmed up. Heard air leaks and found the secondary air pump hose blown out and the mass airflow tube cracked. Got those replaced and plugged in the scanner. First code P1508 Speed control valve Opening, solenoid control open circuit. Next is P0056 - Heater Control Circuit Bank 2, Sensor 2. Next is P0102 Mass or Volume Air Flow Circuit Low Input. Finally, P1504 Idle Speed control valve closing Solenoid Control Open Circuit.
I take it down the road and realize the speedometer doesn't work and of course the MPG gauge also doesn't. Then there is a "sprocket" image with an exclamation point in it showing next to the shift indicator and in the center, there is a counterclockwise arrow circle with a triangle and an exclamation point in that. Brake, ABS and what I assume is the wear sensor lights are on. Service Engine Soon and "EML" lights are on. I slow down to turn around and hear the CV joints clicking and as I slow to a stop, the hard downshift from 3 to 2 then a slightly less jerk from 2 to 1...which led me here.
From reading the posts, before I drop $700-800 on tranny solenoids and other parts, I noticed some say it could be other issues not telling the ECM how hard I am driving?
Needless to say, it doesn't seem my ex's husband was very forthcoming with this car's issues (he is a salesman).
Any guidance would be most appreciative. I love the BMW's and had a '89 535i back in the car I ever owned!