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Has this been brought up before? Would it interfere with any sort of custom tune?
You might want to be very mindful depending on the age of your car. I don't think our fuel system was designed to handle it. If I remember correctly, former forum member the axiom tried running e85 and suffered bunch of issues afterwards - fuel lines full of gunk, fuel pump clogged up, etc.?
As of right now I am running on an e40 blend ... but TBH I'm getting pretty tired of going to one specific gas station to play amateur scientists lol

I really think I'd rather be on normal 93 just for simplicity... I wish this kit wasn't so darn expensive:,)

But as for my experience right now — no issues yet, thankfully. But I haven't dumped full e85 only either..
I'd does get annoying blending doesn't it? I also hadn't went full e85, but butt dyno did feel different at WOT with e50. I never did make it to the dyno to see final numbers and alas, S65 swap starts tomorrow
It really does -_-
Hopefully I can figure something out — even if it's plumbing an intercooler in and running 93. Just so time consuming and if I wanted to make a trip to the beach for whatever reason, I'd have to pray they have ethanol pumps down there for the trip back.
See you, space cowboy.
but its for sale