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Vishnu/FFTEC single turbo ride along report

I finally made it over to FFTEC today to check out the cars (creaminz ride is sick).

Shiv offered to give me a spin in his machine...who am I to refuse ?

The combination of exhilaration and sheer terror is a given with the brutal, unrelenting acceleration. I kid you not, 3rd gear revs like first gear on an FBO with stock turbos. If there's lag, I sure didn't feel it, even from a low rpm pull.

If I have a criticism, it is that I think even more love needs to be given to the suspension at these power levels. It would be very, very easy to get in bad trouble with this much power on tap...imagine losing it when it breaks loose at 100mph and jacks sideways really hard.

This is no guys with this kit need to be careful !

What really struck me is how drivable and docile it is when you're not WOT. Personally, I hate laggy dyno queen setups, so I found it highly encouraging that Shiv's car was still torque-y at low rpms and not rattly or twitchy like some high strung overtuned turbo 4 cars.