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Originally Posted by 11Series View Post
So let me get this straight.

Some guy who hates Obama went out of his way to create this image in order to make Obama look bad and Perry look good.

He went to Time magazine's website and selected the photo of Obama from 1980 when Obama was 18 or 19 and lied and said it was from when Obama was 22.,00.html

Next, even though using full names brought nothing of value to the comparison instead of just using "Rick Perry" and "Barack Obama" as each of them refers to themselves, he puts the full names of both Presidential Candidates under the pictures.

And your claim you don't think this guy knew about the common internet meme of using Obama's middle name as an Islamophobic dog whistle? The same guy who lied about Obama's age? The same guy who decided to create a negative comparison in the first place? This same guy wasn't aware that he was using a dog-whistle?

It isn't that we disagree, it is that we live in alternate realities. To claim that this was an innocent use of full names is like claiming that John Hinkley Jr. wasn't trying to shoot Reagan. He just happened to be standing near the President when a gun happened to go off for no particular reason. Me, I can see into Hinkley's mind and heart enough to know that he intentionally wanted to kill Reagan, it's no huge leap in logic for me.

Your ability for blind denial is simply amazing! It's almost at the level of a superpower. Without your blind denial superpower, most normal people would just say"

"Yea, the guy who made this image definitely knew about using Obama's middle name as a dog whistle, and he did it to make Obama look as bad as he possibly could."

Everyone knows this is the truth, aside from those like you with your blind denial superpower. Don't worry, I don't expect you to actually admit that in your heart you also believe the person who created this image intentionally used a common dog whistle that everyone knows about. You can just change the topic so you don't have to admit it.
You seem to think all of this is stuff that didn't occur when we didn't have a black President. You seem like you are not here to discuss, nor debate. I get the impression that you're here to push an agenda on others. No point in engaging any further, as I seriously don't think you're capable of disagreeing with another human being without being a complete cock.

Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, my opinion, man....

EDIT: Just to make things clear, I don't wish you any ill will. Your opinion is your opinion, and I see where you're coming from, although I do not empathize, nor agree. Why does it make you so angry when people disagree with you? You do realize that opinions may vary from person to person, and the reasons for someone else's opinion varying from yours may very well not be because of racism or some other horrible thing, right NixonII?

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