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Originally Posted by BrokenVert View Post
I still dont understand why everyone rips obama's head off? Hes blocked on almost everything by the fucking 4 year olds that are currently in congress.

I mean seriously? We came closer to a government shutdown than we ever have before in august. It eclipsed how close we came in 1812, and that was because the British had invaded DC and burned down the capital building!

Obama would be half decent if he had a chance at any of legislation being passed. And as far as the GOP candidates go...yeeesh
Exactly!!!! Regardless of what side you are on you have to see this as fact....its like cutting of your nose to spite your face, it seems at this point it's just about getting a dem out of office than doing what is necessary to build this nations economy as a whole. The Rep party USED to stand for patriotism, but their actions as of late, don't seem to live up to that...And what bewilders me most of all is that people actually stand behind some of these dicision even when it goes against their best interest....