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Originally Posted by JPodo View Post
Oh. Someone PM'd me and said that they had this kit and traded you for something. You want $300 shipped now?
Sounds like a false accusation to me or could easily be perceived that way by anyone who doesn't know what your talking about.

Why ask me how much I want for it shipped without some other type of meaning behind your question besides it is implying something else? Obviously you can read so read the title of the thread " BMS Trunk mount meth kit. $300.00 Shipped!"

Originally Posted by JPodo View Post
I'm rude? I wasn't saying you trade to get this kit I was trying to confirm you still had it? How's that being rude? And when I said you want 300 I was just asking cause that is a good price but I'm not buying from someone that's being an a$$

Why the hell would some random member PM you to tell you they traded me a carbon fiber hood for my meth kit or vice versa within an hour of me posting the item for sale?

Im in frickin Hawaii bro, shipping costs alone for a hood shipped here or to where ever the "member" lives would cost more than a meth kit is new. Im calling BS on your lame ass story and reasoning. PM me the user name of the member who sent you that PM and I will gladly admit that i'm the A$$ here and not you

If you want to continue this soap opera feel free to PM me. Thanks for the BUMPS though.

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