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Sun visor material - F10, F30, etc. (USA)

While I love my 2011 E70 35d, it irks me that the sun visors are covered in nasty vinyl instead of matching the headliner material. I recall reading a post a few years ago that BMW made this change to keep costs under control, and that it might be limited to the USA. I am in rental cars every so often and always check the material that they use, and so far have found few that use as cheap a material as BMW, which is absurd. Next to my anthracite sport headliner these things look like something out of a JC Whitney catalog!

Has this changed on the newer models, or does BMW continue with this stupid policy? Yes, this is a rant, and will seem silly to some, but in this day and age where every manufacturer is stepping up their interior quality, it's shameful for BMW's to have visors that would shame most economy cars. I could maybe see them using these on the lowest end models, but when you have leather, premium packages, etc., it's disgraceful.