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Originally Posted by HyperM3 View Post
Wuddya mean I have to wait 3 months for you to build my car? You are a dealership and should have them on the lot RIGHT NOW! So wait, you are charging my card a deposit to place the order and secure my price but I wont ACTUALLY be driving something for a few months?

How many of you really went through the above when you were getting your car? How many of you really felt that way? Its a 40k+ car that you had no problem waiting 3-5 months for so whats the big deal of $150 out of your pocket for 1-2 months?

I think some people just like to find things to complain about and try to get others to follow. Dont you have something better to do? Go out and play ball with your kid. If you are a kid, go play ball with your dad.
Because with the 40k + car they told me i would get it in 4 months and i did!!!! Here we have almost no feedback from VISHNU at all thats the difference. Tell me when i place my order" You are order number 446574654765765 and you will get your procede in 7 years" at least thats better service and as a customer im not in the dark.