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Originally Posted by Walked U View Post
Ya but terry was on the JB2R

So I tried my hardest to do an apples to apples comparison octane wise.

Once i get a 100 octane map should be better.

I think we all agree that on 91 pump vs 91 pump the v2 will edge out the JB2
Shiv shouldn't do a 100 octane map, as it would be REALLY hard to have 100+ octane in the car.

He should do a 96-97 Octane map.

And there is no doubt v2 on 91 will pull a JB2 on 91 or 93 Octane.
As the JB2 runs equal with the v1.47 on 91 Octane and the JB2 doesn't seem to get the power gains on 93 Octane as the v1.47 does.

Every v2 car I've run in my v1.47 car, even with 93 Octane has pulled on me.

Hotrod and I are going to test the JB2R on a 95-96 Octane race gas mix vs. the v1.47 on 93 Octane next weekend.
Then we'll do a JB2R on 95-96 Octane vs. v2.02 on 93 Octane too once I get the v2.02.
I want to see what the JB2R does on race gas compared to v2.02 on pump 93 Octane for 93 Octane states.

Anyway, gotta run again, relatives coming over soon.

Happy Thanksgiving all.