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Originally Posted by Driver72 View Post
So I know Sherwin recently posted up the videos his gf took from his car during last nights shenanigans, and now here are the videos from inside Terry's car that I took. ***Thanks again Adam for helping me out with that.***

Here is the link:

Here's the break down.

First off, let's say this, Terry's JB2R car and Sherwins PROcede v2.02 car were basically tied.

Now, let's clear up the air about the dyno amounts.
First off, doubtful Sherwin's car is making much more power.

He dynoed like 365 rwhp when he had catless DP's on v2.01 on Shiv's dyno.
He now has hi-flow cats which probably take away 10-15 rwhp but now has v2.02 which add 15+ peak rwhp. So I'd guess Sherwin would dyno in the 370-375 rwhp range on 93 octane
He did not have the same map as Shiv when Shiv trapped at 116.8.

Terry, on his JB2R with 96 Octane and his current set up has dynoed at 345 rwhp, but according to Terry, that dyno reads 10-15 rwhp lower than most.
So, I'd suffice it to say Terry, on a less conservative dyno would be in 360+ rwhp range.

That's within 10-15 rwhp of what I'd guess Sherwin would dyno on the same dyno.

So why were the races basically a tied if Sherwin has 10-15 rwhp more and same weights??
Automatic tranny. Faster shifts and lower final drive ratio overcomes the 10+ rwhp difference.

I've said it before and will again, the autos in the 335i just rock (for an auto).
Walked U saw me pull 1.5 CL's on JonMartin last night with my auto over his manual. Sure I had probably 175+ lbs less weight in my car, but he also has probably 15 rwhp more than me because of his catback.

I have not lost to a manual equipped 335i with similiar mods yet.

It was a fun time last night. Man was I tired getting home at 3 am!

More details in following posts.
Nice details...except: I don't think you can say for a fact that they tied due to auto vs. manual. Too many variable differences between the 2 cars.