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Originally Posted by firechicken99 View Post
Now that I've had my first track experience I wanted to add to this... I unfortunately didnt get to log coolant temps because I couldnt find this thread on my mobile.

I HPDE'd my 1M with procede around NJMP lightning all day in 75* ambients with a pretty hard and heavy footed afternoon hitting 130+/- on the straight. My oil temps never went over 250 and although i couldnt monitor coolant temps I can say that I did not have a single malfunction light the entire day. Wish I could provide coolant temp data and will be sure to have the hack handy next time!
Excellent! I love that car. Drove a modified 1M last weekend and was thoroughly impressed.

Benefits of the 1M over the 335 are: MT, additional radiator, proper ducting to the oil cooler and additional radiator.

As you get faster, you might want to look into distilled water and possibly a larger capacity oil cooler. This isn't definite, just a maybe.

Great thing is the only mod would be the larger oil cooler and that would only be the core and maybe a little fender lining trimming.