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Originally Posted by Adam Way View Post
Well I drove 94 miles on the track yesterday. Others in the group had 12' M3s, 12'F30, a few E36s, Ferrari 360, Porshe GT2 ,etc. etc. All very nice vehicles. The track temp at 9 was 84 degrees at ~5600 feet (guess) of elevation. By noon it was 94 degrees.

I didn't go into limp mode once. In fact I couldn't get my oil temps above 250 degrees with the AR Design dual oil cooler set up. Although I can't monitor tranny temps, it didn't see limp mode...indicating the AR Design tranny cooler is working well. This is the first time ever that I haven't fought limp mode issues. I think the trick is a different radiator, really robust oil coolers, tranny cooler, camber plates, upgraded brakes with motul... I think those are the 'mandatory' upgrades in order to have a successful day.

I am an experienced the vehicle was pushed hard. Not sure how to say that without sounding like I have an ego, but thought it was relevant to mention.
Promising. Is this your first time out with the AR setup?