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Originally Posted by Sniz View Post
since you products users are all over the different forums, I think you should either email them all directly if you have their emails in a database or make an important post at any forum you can think of that your users may frequent specifiying the required octane levels.

I'm sure there are plenty of users out there like the OP that did not know using 91 octane w/ higher torque settings is not a good idea.

Just a suggestion to help out both you and your clientèle.

Not a bad idea, even if I think Shiv specified the required octane levels, but the OP didn't realise the difference between US and EU octane.

So I'd make a correction request which does not only apply to Vishnu, but all the other performance upgrade vendors as well - if U guys make a gadget with a specific octane fuel as a prerequisite, realise your customer may live outside of the US and specify the octane in both US and EU spec.
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