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Originally Posted by john335 View Post
Hi Just back home from a track day, and during it my car kept going into limp mode and displaying the engine sign. it happened about 15 times. I never get this problem on the road even when driving hard. have had v.2.0 now for 2 weeks and havent had a problem. anybody got any ideads? shiv?

p.s. i plugged in the Creader when i got home and it doesnt seem to display any codes
Road course or drag strip? I had some persistent issues with V2.0 that are now completely resolved with V2.02. The issues never showed up on the street or the my Beltronics FX2 timed drag strip simulations. On the track, it dinged up a storm.

Vishnu staff literally helped me resolve it while on track. Around turn 8, my phone rings and I had to have Dustin wait on hold while I finished my lap, lol.